To use DARCoMS, first go to the Impact Shock Mechanics Lab Gitlab Repo:

git chceckout DARCoMS

Creating a DARCoMS .dms Input File

To run a DARCoMS Multiscale simulation, you must create a .dms input file:

Currently DARCoMS supports the following keywords in its input file NDBASES, FILES, and COUPLING_SURFACES. Otherwise, an exception will be raised.

An Example .dms Input File is: .. code-block:: console

NDBASES 2 FILES C:UsersDARCOMSBenchmarksTestingB_LargeDomain125.dat C:UsersDARCOMSBenchmarksTestingB_SmallDomain250.dat COUPLING_SURFACES CONST_ACCEL 2 4 1 126 252 378 504 2 1 252 503 754

For running Monoscale simulations (single .dat file), the COUPLING_SURFACES should not be used.